The Abandoned Tots TV set

As a kid, I loved watching the adventures of Tilly, Tom and Tiny on Tots TV so I was ecstatic when I found out that I could actually visit the abandoned set!


Tots TV was a kids TV show that ran from 1993 to 1998 and was produced by Ragdoll Productions. Any 90s kids will remember the three Ragdoll friends that starred in the show alongside their animal friends, Donkey and Furryboo.

One of the most iconic parts of the show was the tiny cottage in the woods where they lived. This is where most of the scenes took place; the purple staircase and fireplace are unmistakable.

Unfortunately, the set now lies in ruins. Abandoned by its owners after Tots TV was cancelled. It has been repeatedly visited by vandals over the years and time has not been kind to it; the cottage is slowly decaying. I was lucky enough to visit this nostalgic cottage before it was too late.

The Explore

The Tots TV house still sits in a tiny forest on some farmland and is no easy task to get to.

After a long debate, myself and my friend decided on the best route to take without being seen, after 20 minutes of navigating the fields as stealthily as possible, we finally made it to the tiny forest.

Seconds later, the woods revealed the tiny abandoned house. It was far from what I remembered. The yellow facade had turned almost grey and the famous red door had been removed by vandals months before.

When I ventured inside, it told a similar story. The floorboards were gone and the roof was decaying. I almost felt like my childhood was being ripped away from me. It was still a nostalgic experience nonetheless. I had always wanted to see what was at the top of the stairs and was intrigued to find that they lead to a platform above the production area behind the set.

The production area was flooded but you could still see wires hanging from the shelves and even an access point to the crawl space below the floor of the set so that the puppeteers could do their thing.

Soon we ventured outside again to find the stable where the pet Donkey resided, all that was left inside was a dead rabbit. We also tried to look for the missing door before we left but it was nowhere to be seen.

Thanks for reading, you can watch my video of the house below

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2 thoughts on “The Abandoned Tots TV set

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  1. would you advise then, Not asking the owners of the farm permission to explore it? i’m hoping to go see it at some point! but itd be a lot less stressful if i just asked them.


    1. You can try but I don’t think you’ll have much luck. If you do give it a go, all the best and I hope you enjoy. Sorry that I can’t give out any location or access details, I have to protect it as much as I can.


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