Cocking Lime Works Factory & Quarry

We explored this huge abandoned factory that has been rotting away since 1999!


Cocking Lime Works and neighboring chalk quarry are abandoned industrial sites in West Sussex. Cocking was the source of lime used for the manufacture of Midhurst White bricks and for agricultural purposes.

The earliest known mention of lime workings in the area is in 1715 when documents refer to two isolated lime kilns being in use.

In September 1833, a man named William Marshall was killed by an earthquake in a chalk pit at Cocking.

Over the years, the site was leased out to various people who owned manufacturing companies, including ones that made the Midhurst White bricks as mentioned earlier.

In 1993, the site was acquired by the Dudman Group of Companies until 1999, when all work ceased at the factory and quarry. Since then the site has been abandoned and nature has slowly claimed it for its own.

Here’s a picture from 1999:


The Explore

My explore of the abandoned factory was a memorable one. It was a hot summers day (yes I’m posting about this very late!) and we made our way up the road, discreetly climbed a gate hidden in the trees, and made our way down an overgrown path.

Before we knew it, the factory loomed over us in all its glory. The first thing that I noticed was that an old truck was still sitting there. This place was literally left behind with all of its assets, a rare find!

We started the explore at the main part of the factory and ventured inside to find that most, if not all of the machinery was left behind as well. Conveyor belts zig-zagged from one side of the room to the other. I had no idea what each machine did but that’s all a part of the curiosity of exploring.

Next, we went outside and climbed the Kilns, these are tall structures that form a thermally insulated chamber used to harden or dry materials. This was the most dangerous part of the explore as a fall into one of the Kilns would be certain death. You might be able to what I mean in my video below.

Finally, we made our way to the quarry. It was a fair walk through some fields but proved intriguing when we arrived. Some old machinery and vehicles were left behind here too however, these were pretty much 100% rust due to the fact that they had been sitting outside for the past 18 years.

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