Friningham Abandoned Mansion

When I got word that there was an abandoned house located in the peaceful outskirts of Maidstone, Kent, I made it my priority for my next outing. Little did I know that this was no regular house, this was an abandoned mansion!


This manor house was originally built in 1868, but the features inside the building suggest otherwise. The manor was actually taken over by the RAF in the war and parts of the building were shortly burnt out. The property was rebuilt with modern materials which easily stand out. The building is locked together with steel beams which are disguised by oak panels, forming beautiful pillars. After a second fire at the home in the 1980s, the entire second floor was reconstructed, using concrete as a foundation, adding huge weight to the second level and exerting a huge force on the steel beams, which have now partially collapsed. One set of stairs has entirely collapsed and the cellar is inaccessible due to rubble.

This abandoned mansion had a very confusing concoction of many different styles which caused for a curious explorer. Original features do remain, including a cast iron cooker, oak staircase, and stained glass. The original floor plan was a mirror, (although smaller) image of Potters Manor, which has decayed far beyond repair. The farmers who own the property have fought for compensation for the damage caused to the property by the concrete floor, but this is still unresolved.


Honestly, I didn’t expect much. What was supposed to be a pit stop in what was described to me as a “small abandoned house” turned out to be an incredible but curious explore. I had carried out zero research beforehand. On arrival, it was clear this wasn’t just a house, just by the sheer size and unmistakable signs of decay, it was clearly an abandoned mansion. When I approached the stained glass and arched doorway, I could fully appreciate the beauty of this place. It looked like a palace. And was easily accessible through a small farm, no bramble either! An explorers dream!

After walking through the front door I was greeted with a really peculiar interior. Half of the room had the oak panels and stained glass, the other half had plaster walls and cheap paint. It was a large room so I assume a partition had collapsed fairly recently as there was a lot of wooden mess on the floor. Curious, I carried on. Most of the bottom floor seemed to just be a rather uninteresting house, fairly typical. But the explorer in me was seeking more, so I soldiered on.

About 5 minutes later this paid off, and I was greeted with the grand oak staircase. Adjacent was a long corridor and the wooden panels again with many wooden doors with numbers on them. Apartments? A hotel maybe? Turns out in its latter years this place was separated into a house on the ground floor and apartments on the second floor. I found untouched mirrors, disused TV sets, and even a bottle of rose on the stone balcony. I was in this location for over an hour, completely undisturbed. I wish every day of exploring was like this. The factory I originally had on my agenda could not live up to this not so little surprise. Happy Days! Check out the video here


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