Redhill~Fullers Earthworks Factory

We visited the infamous Fullers Earthworks Factory situated in Redhill, and it didn’t disappoint.


Fullers Earthworks in Redhill was one of only three places in Britain where the mining and processing of Fullers Earth occurred. The Copyhold Works at Redhill was established in 1860 and by just 1920 it was supplying the Southern Oil Company, Chemicals LTD, British Glues and Prices Patent Candles Company.

Laporte Industries bought the firm in 1954, during this period it was employing over 780 workers. Crazy eh? There was a very large quarry just east of the site used for mining clay. This left the surrounding area covered with brown reddish clay leaving it looking almost martian.

Another interesting fun fact, Redhill factory and the surrounding area was actually used to film some alien scenes out of the 70’s series of Dr. Who! Unfortunately, in 1997 Redhill factory closed down as other countries could produce and transport the product more cheaply. After this it was brought by Biffa Waste Services and then not a lot is known after this.

The Explore

This was the first time any of us had ever explored a factory like this, and wow was it amazing!

So we arrive at the destination not knowing what to expect and walked down this amazing driveway with broken 70’s streetlights which gave it that eerie tinge. We were then greeted by this gigantic factory, looking straight at us. I just remember thinking to myself ‘This place is way bigger than I expected, we’ll be here for hours!’… and I wasn’t wrong.

Anyway, we started to climb this factory and to my surprise, all of the heavy machinery was left inside. We were greeted by a group of teenagers listening to music which instantly reassured that there was no security on the site. As we walked around this creaking, rusty building, with the sound of the wind whipping around the corners, and the groaning sound it makes after being distorted by the machinery, we couldn’t help but notice the absolutely gorgeous view that sat before us. We got to the very top of the factory and just stood there, staring into the gorgeous sun as it set for the day. This was definitely my favorite part.

So In summary, this was indeed a very good explore and I’m sure we will be re-visiting. The only fault I have is that it is very dangerous and there are holes throughout. Not forgetting the massive amounts of asbestos that linesĀ almost every surface in this place, so if you are thinking of going yourself, be careful!

If you want to see more of Fullers Earthworks, be sure to check out my video and pictures below!

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