Tenterden Train Graveyard

This was a very unique explore. Before this, I had never explored an abandoned vehicle so I was excited to step foot into this forgotten train graveyard.


The earliest plans for a railway for Tenterden were made in the 1850s but none were authorised until 1896.

Tenterden was part of the Kent & East Sussex Railway which lost its independence when all the railways were nationalised in 1948.

Nationalisation brought many benefits to the railway as improvements were made, but traffic was slowly being lost to the roads. During a typical week in 1953 only 118 passengers travelled on 90 trains, in-fact many of them ran completely empty. The inevitable result was that the line was closed to passengers in 1954.

Tenterden Station 1954
Tenterden Train Station on the last day of service – 1954

Goods continued to be hauled on the original section and the occasional passenger train appeared in the summer. By 1961, however, nearly all traffic had gone and the railway was closed.

Soon after the closure, a society was formed with the object of preserving the line. After a 13 year struggle, trains were finally running on the railway again.

Today the line is a heritage railway which runs steam locomotives from Tenterden to Bodiam as a tourist attraction.

Tenterden today
A more recent photograph of a steam locomotive at Tenterden Railway station.

Tenterden is the end of the Kent & East Sussex line but the rails go on through the trees and lead to the remnants of the original railway. The train graveyard.

The Explore

The most difficult task for this explore was getting to the trains. We knew exactly where they were but you cannot simply follow the lines from the station for various reasons. We eventually found a way around through some cow fields which added an element of excitement to the explore, to say the least.

We were amazed when we finally found it. It just looks like a train has been randomly placed in the middle of the woods, it’s a spectacular sight.


We managed to get inside all of the carriages and locomotives which made this explore just as interesting as any building, if not more. The crew quarters even had the dials and steering wheels in place, parts of what I think were engines remained too.

When we eventually got to the back end of the train, we realised that the last carriage had a crane built onto it. We investigated the carriage further and found a lot of plastic packaging crunched into a pile. This was used by another YouTuber that had previously visited to create a fake dead body scare video.

Thanks for reading! Remember to check out my video and pictures of the explore below to see the train graveyard in more detail.

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