Tough Mudder 2018 – Charity Poll

In September 2018, I am hoping to take part in Tough Mudder to raise money for charity. This will be a huge challenge for me but it will be totally worth it if we can make a difference, plus, it should be great fun.

If you do not know what Tough Mudder is, it’s basically a huge obstacle course that goes on for a huge 10 miles! There will be a lot of running, a lot of climbing and of course, a lot of mud!

I am really looking forward to the challenge but I won’t be doing it alone, I have gathered a small team of six to join me so far. I will confirm who will be in the team at a later date but for now, we need your help!

Below, I have created a list of participating charities and I want you to choose who we will raise money for. please share this with your friends and family so that we can help out a charity that is close to lots of peoples hearts 🙂

All you have to do is scroll down until you find a charity that you want us to support, click on it, and don’t forget to click ‘vote’ at the bottom of the page.

If you want to know more about each charity, or if you don’t know what any of them do then check out the Tough Mudder Website for more information.

Thank you for your time, your vote is much appreciated 😀

See you in the mud!

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