Meet the team!

Lou Circle 750Lost With Lou

An urban explorer on the search for adventure and has a fascination with the lost and unknown. Lou is on a mission to explore anything that can be explored with the ambitious dream of making it the big time on youtube.

Follow Lou’s adventures on his YouTube channel!

Emily Circle 750Emily Conrad

Emily is our master researcher. If there’s an abandoned place out there, she’ll find it. With her seemingly endless library of locations, our crew will be exploring for decades to come… That’s if they’re not all reduced to rubble 😦

Follow Emily’s adventures on her YouTube channel!

Kay Circle 750Exploring with Kay

Kay is a great explorer on a search for good times. She brings a lot of laughter to the team and has a passion for exploring. If she’s not out on an adventure with the rest of the group, she’s thinking about what sort of crazy things will happen on the next one.

Follow Kay’s adventures on her YouTube channel!

Check out the other members of the team who don’t write on this site

Seb – Extreme Urbex

Danny the Explorer


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